The ISSP School is an education platform for emerging photographers and those interested in photography, run by ISSP since 2011 in Riga, Latvia. The School gathers the best local educators who provide insights into the diverse possibilities of contemporary photography thrpugh different programmes, courses and masterclasses. The majority of the programmes are held in Latvian language. We also engage the wide ISSP network of international connections to involve foreign educators and promote internatonal networking. 
The 8-week "Introduction to Photography" programme introduces participants to the basics of photographic thinking and creative practice, while the two-year "Developing Photographic Language" programme offers students a creative and critical environment in which to develop their own personal approach to the medium. Every year, about ten Latvian photographers complete this programme with a group exhibition - you can see our Graduates' projects here. Since 2019, we are offering Professional Photography Masterclasses with leading Latvian and Baltic professional photographers. 
In summer 2023, ISSP is offering three Creative Photography Masterclasses in the Latvian countryside. Language of instruction: Latvian and English. 
For inquiries, please write to skola@issp.lv.