Developing Photographic Language

Two-year programme for participants with prior experience


Two-year program for participants with prior experience in photography

The two year long “Developing Photo Language” program offers an insight into contemporary photography, its history and theory, and the diverse opportunities and challenges of the media. The program is based on artistic practice - within the framework of several courses students work on various creative assignments; during the second year they focus on personal long-term projects, which are presented at the end of the program in a joint exhibition. The learning process is focused on collaboration, featuring lectures, group classes and discussions, individual consultations with teachers and lots of homework. 

Year I

- Narrative in Documentary Photography - Arnis Balčus
- History of Photography - Laine Kristberga
- Analog Experiments - Ieva Balode
- Visual Anthropology and Photography - Liāna Ivete Beņķe
- Working with Oneself - Vika Eksta
- Photography in Contemporary Art I - Evita Goze
- Basics of Image Processing for Photographers - Ivs Zenne
- Survival kit for photographers: methods and strategies - Iveta Gabalina (Vaivode), Evita Goze
Year 2

- Basics of Film and Video for Photographers - Dainis Juraga
- Editing and selection of images - Andrejs Strokins
- Photography in Contemporary Art II - Vika Eksta
- Image & Text - Solvita Krese
- Development and Analysis of Graduation Project - Iveta Gabalina (Vaivode), Andrejs Strokins, Vika Eksta and others
- Creating a photobook (workshop)
- Preparation for the exhibition and individual consultations with the lecturers
The programme includes regular guest lectures by local and international artists and creative professionals.

Language of instruction: Latvian 

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