Zane Krūmiņa



The initial moments of being close to one another pave the way to and guide the future relationship. For every one of us, the first contact we had with the world started through eating (being fed). This is our first and most important experience which shapes the way in which we develop our relationship to the world and ourselves. 

Studies show that, for most people, sharing food is an important indication of closeness, friendship and love, as well as a tool for developing or strengthening it. Through sharing food, the giver attempts to soften not only the recipient's negative reaction, but also his or her own.

The table becomes an area where we meet to receive and give. It is a stage, each with its own design, which reveals the story of the relationships between the people around it.

By documenting the tables after a meal at my family home, I wish to look deeper into the substance of relationships by looking at food as a metaphor for closeness.