Dzintars Malkauss



Those who were young in the 1970s and 1980s recall the time as a turbulent period in adolescents’ lives. A time of rubber boats and brown tarpaulin tents. None of us owned much but we had what we lack now – time. 

Endless conversations in the kitchens of small apartments, neverending summers spent in student builder groups, campfires, the guitar, songs, dancing, falling in love and countless weddings in the autumn. A wonderful carelessness, which allowed us to experience an inexplicable sense of closeness and unity. At the same time, the Soviet Union created all these shared activities to encourage people, as much as possible, to embrace collectivism and avoid “asking questions”, so to say. And yet, this is not a story on nostalgia for the past and when we were younger. Life is beautiful today. Unique in every moment we experience. 

Viewed through the lense of today's reality, the photo archives of my younger days address the question of where that carelessness and sense of unity have gone.