Kristaps Mednis



Ratism is a philosophy of saving that is focused on the maximal utilisation of a product, ignoring the fact that it might lose some of its functional or aesthetic qualities in the process.
The philosophy of Ratism is divided in four main methods of saving. The first basic course of action invites people to not get rid of a product and to reuse it again in the future. The second method concentrates on the substitution of products or their components, often using parts of other products originally made for different purposes. The third method tries to extend the life of a product beyond its intended duration. And within the fourth practice of Ratism, in its truest spirit, it just cannot stand seeing groceries and other products being thrown away due to poor packaging or its physical features. Ratism teaches resourceful strategies in dealing with these problems.







Book info:

Title: "Ratism"

No. of pages: 72

Size: 13x16 cm

No. of copies: 1

Printing: digital

Paper: recycled

Binding: diy, hard covers, french binding