Arnis Vītols

Natural occurrence


The object of this work is the modern landscape, where human trash plays a central role. It has become an ever present and integral part of the landscape. It could be said that it has become a natural occurrence - so it does not anymore hinder us to enjoy peace, energy and inspiration which nature brings.

Gaining inspiration from this new environment, the trash found in the forest was transformed into animal sculptures. These refer to the hybridity of the modern natural environment, where the natural and industrial world interconnect. This paradox speaks of today’s forest as a seemingly natural trash deposit site.

The Project „Natural occurence” is not only an artistic intervention that has cleaned the environment in the sites of intervention, but also an invitation to reflect of the effects of human activity on the nature as a global problem. The sculptures are made of plastic bottles, packaging, cans, plastic bags and pieces of electronics; the aim of the photographs is to “break” someone’s memory, possibly, by discovering oneself as a co­author – the material supplier – of this work.