Kārlis Bergs

Between the lake and the sea


I have always had a deep respect for people who go to sea. In their lives, water has a deeper meaning than relationships with people around them. The sea is larger than anyone – it is more than simply a means of subsistence, more than survival.

I returned to the village where I spent my childhood, to try to remember how it used to be. To find the images of the seamen who loved water more than people. I was looking for the time lost; the time which, it seems, the locals have never forgotten. They still live in that time - slow, quiet and peaceful.

Book info:
Title: "Between the lake and the sea"
No. of pages: 64
Size:  21x18cm
No. of copies: 20
Printing: digital
Paper: 190g matt
Binding: hand-sewed french link stitch in hard cover