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The Ecological Tree


Book info:
Title: "The Ecological Tree"
No. of pages: 40
Size: 34x29 cm
No. of copies: 1 (demo)
Printing: digital
Paper: 220g matt
Binding: termoiesiešana cietajos vākos

A pine tree charges human body with a strong and impulsive energy. It is best to charge up with this energy only before the most crucial and important moments of your life. Pine trees energy lifts your tone, it also raises immunity, and it can be considered kind of an antidepressant. This tree can ease off ones uncertainty, worries. Pine tree is a very benevolent tree and you should always approach it with an open heart. 

The tree from which you want to draw a good energy should be really healthy. The most valuable energy one can get from a tree that is growing on it's own. The distance between two trees should be at least six meters.

- Līga Ezera, healer


The Ecological Tree – 
The forest as a natural system consists of trees of different ages, therefore ecological trees have a particular importance in the tree fellings. Left to reach their biological age, they ensure a continuity of the forest and serve as an accommodation for many rarely encountered species of forest fauna.
- From Cabinet of Ministers Regulations on Nature protection in forest management