ISSP School Graduate Exhibition 2017/2019


30.05. – 22.06.2019

Tallinas iela 6

Artists - Adelīna Kalniņa, Antra Oša, Inta Lankovska, Liene Helēna Kacere, Vinita Vilcāne Krilova.
Exhibition curator - Anete Skuja

In 1929, the Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy first mentioned the concept of ​​six degrees of separation in his story "Chains". After his idea, six is the number of handshakes needed to reach any person in the world. Frigyes believed that due to technological advances in the fields of communication and travel, the modern world is shrinking and people are becoming more and more connected. This is reminiscent of a children’s rhyme by Latvian poet Rainis: “One, two, three – soon the others we will see, four, five, six - they are no strangers to us.”

In the ISSP School graduate exhibition “Six”, several young artists express their vision through the medium of photography, looking for contact points between the outside world and their personal experiences, childhood memories, desires, and cultural stereotypes that need to be broken or, on the contrary, built.

Sponsors and partners - Free Riga, Krāsu serviss, Mūrbūdu sidrs, Gardu muti, Cesvaines Alus Darītava, NRJ Printing, FK Magazine.