ISSP Commercial Photography Masterclasses

Day-long masterclasses for professionals


ISSP is offering a series of professional masterclasses, led by leading Latvian and Baltic photographers. If you are already professionally working with photography or are on the way of becoming professional, the masterclasses offer you an opportunity to advance your practical skill set, while helping you to develop your own creative vision and network with other professionals. 

Each lecturer will give an insight into their professional practice, paired with important practical tips and tricks, as well as an insight into the daily life and “behind-the-scenes” of the industry. The masterclasses normally include a presentation with overview of the subject and tips and tricks, as well as practical part - a photoshoot, demonstration, or portfolio review. 

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KATRINA TANG (EE) – Photographing Children. 15.02.2020.

Katrina Tang, one of Estonia's best-known children's fashion photographers with extensive international experience will talk about the development of her individual style and the importance of staying true to it, as well as the key aspects of working with children. In her practice, Katrina successfully combines commercial photography for the world's leading fashion brands with personal projects. The masterclass will be valuable for those who want to professionally photograph children and families, as well as anyone who takes pictures as a serious hobby. After Katrina's talk and discussion, each participant will have the opportunity to take part in a photo session, capturing images of children in their daily environment.

Main themes:
Are children and animals really the most difficult subjects? Building a personal connection.
How can you create a recognizable individual vision and style, and how to adapt it to clients?
Photo shoots – developing ideas and key practical aspects.
How important is it to be represented by an agent?

Professional children's, family, and fashion photographers, as well as those with a basic technical background in photography who want to gain more insight into children's photography or develop their hobby.

Katrina Tang's (Estonia) work is mainly focused on capturing children - both in documentary portraiture and fashion form. Her personal vision and style help her find time for projects such as portraying the extinction of Estonian country schools, while collaborating with renowned children's fashion brands such as Gucci, Oeuf, Clarks, Mini Boden, FCUK etc., and leading international magazines such as Harrods (UK), MilK (France), Earnshaws (US), etc. Loving to capture unintentional moments and listening to her feminine instinct, she offers a personal approach to assignments while being mindful of her brand identity.


TÕNU TUNNEL (EE) – Architectural Photography. 08.02.2020.

One of the most well-known of the young generation of Estonian architecture photographers, Tõnu Tunnel will talk about his experience in photographing various buildings and structures. During the lecture, Tõnu will focus on how to plan photoshoots and build a portfolio for a variety of audiences (such as homeowners, architects, builders, magazines &  advertising), give a brief introduction to image composition and perspective correction, and share technical background on creating panoramas and other indoor and outdoor photography techniques. In the second part of the masterclass, participants will join Tõnu in photographing Riga's architecture, discussing various practical techniques and ways of looking at buildings.

Main themes:
Architectural photography for various clients - setting a brief;
Planning the shoot - weather, light, time and other factors;
How to deal with various distortions of perspective;
Understanding indoor and outdoor composition, creating panoramas;
Choice of equipment, various technical tips and techniques for quality architectural photography.

Masterclass audience:
Photographers who are already working or wish to start working in the architectural photography genre. The masterclass is also open to architects and other professionals who want to understand the basic principles of architectural photography.

Tõnu Tunnel is a freelance architectural photographer from Tallinn, Estonia. He studied photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts. After a brief career in IT he returned to photography and is now one of the more established architecture photographers of the younger generation. Above all, he is interested in architecture, urbanism and issues related to urban lifestyles. Tunnel has taken part in several group exhibitions since 2008, and in 2013 he won the ArtPrint young artist prize.


JEGOR ZAIKA (LV/RU) – Fashion Photography. 23.11.2019.

Fashion photographer Jegor Zaika will draw upon his 20 years of international experience, showing and discussing real-life examples of photo shoots, from planning and developing ideas to editing and retouching. During the first half of the day, Jegor will give an insight into his work and a “behind the scenes” insider's view of the fashion industry, while in the second part of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to present their work, receiving individual feedback and suggestions for development.

Main themes:
Inside the fashion industry – how does it work?
Career opportunities – can you get rich with fashion photography?
Producing a successful photoshoot, collaboration with the stylist and team.
Can fashion photography be considered an art?
To retouch or not to retouch? Should I shoot with film or a smartphone? Technical possibilities and current issues.


Audience: Experienced photographers and young professionals with an interest in fashion photography are invited to take part in the masterclass. In the second part of the day, participants are invited to bring their own fashion photography portfolio (up to 20 images).

Jegor Zaika (LV/RU) has shot fashion images and celebrity portraits for leading titles including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, ELLE, Numero, L'Officiel and many others since the 2000s. Between 2010 and 2013 Jegor Zaika taught a photography course at The British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow - a period in which his interest in fine art photography grew. Since then Zaika’s projects have exhibited in various museums and galleries and his works are held in the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum’s permanent collection. His monograph “Trade” - a collection of fashion and portrait photographs - was published in 2009.