Arta Kauliņa



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Subject: Photography contest / about XXX


We noticed a photography contest on the internet, in which your wife is participating with the topic "staged events at audit company". 

From the pre-video it is difficult to understand, 

1) Is the XXX recognizable (for sure, he is recognized by the people, who know, that you work there and who know that Arta's husband works there),

2) how dramatical the reality is presented. First impressions - pretty dramatical,

3) what is the aim of this video - in what way is the XXX presented.

I understand that is was meant to be shown with humor, but can't it leave bad influence on the XXX (maybe not so much on the clients, but on the potential future employees, which we lack at this moment!?)?

Are the photos/video coherent with the partners?

The idea is interesting, but, as I mentioned before, what kind of impression does it leave on the XXX? Aren't partners against it?





My husband works at an audit company.
In the evening, after all the employees have left, I arrive to take photos.
The office space is a platform that appeals to me with its simple and structured appearance.