Sintija Mikanovska-Mikalovska

Texas Hold`em


Ever since primary school, friday evening parties with friends and others have started to become a routine component of the week. Every time I was at an event, I deliberately placed my camera in the middle of room, so that everyone could use it at times when it seems necessary. The following morning, looking at the images produces by the people around me, and their vision, I found a completely different world.

The project „Texas Hold`em” reveals scenes of the nightly ritual life of youth, combined with the terminology of the poker game texas hold`em.  Terms such us expectations, all in, kicker, family pot, scare card, under the gun and others reflect not just card combinations, but also personal experiences. They are with me when playing poker with friends, as well as in my daily journeys to find the right destinations.

Book info:
Title: " Texas Hold'em"
No. of pages: 30
Size: 10x15 cm
No. of copies: 3
Printing: digital
Paper: 120g Tom&Otto gloss
Binding: sewed