Agnese Mūrniece

Blizzard or thaw


Winter is the longest season in Latvia. The frst snow can happen already in October and the last one can melt only in April. This has a big impact not only physically, but also psychologically, and people have to find ways to adjust and cope. People in this area still are very close to nature and knowledge about old pagan beliefs is high. They are superstitious. Ticējumi is part of Latvian folklore - sayings and beliefs which predict the future and explain things. Ticējumi were inspiration for this project. Here are some of them:

If a black grouse rumbles in winter, it means either blizzard or thaw.

If sparkling ice flakes are seen in the snow in winter, they are said to be a witch’s bones.
When a lake howls in winter, someone is to drown.

If a sleigh is not turned upside down on Christmas Night, it spends the night running around.

During Metenis festival children are put into sacks and thrown in the snow over a fence so they would sleep until spring and would not have to be fed.

Book info:
Title: "Blizzard or thaw"
No. of pages: 73
Size: 21x21 cm
Edition size: 1 in Latvian + 1 in English
Printing: digital
Paper: 190g matt
Binding: hand-sewed french link stitch in hard cover