I’d rather see people leave

ISSP School Graduate Exhibition 2018/2020


20.08. - 6.09.2020.

Elizabetes ielā 87


Artists: Dzintars Malkauss, Evita Ķestere, Francis Belte, Krists Zukuls, Laura Sokolovska, Monta Tīģere, Paula Jansone, Sanita Andiņa, Zane Krūmiņa.


Thoughts had twisted my mind. I washed down the feeling that had made me bleary-eyed, strained in the light of the display, waiting for a message saying how nice my execution is, shouting in the strikingly cramped space, lingering in sweet memories of the past as in a herbarium, waiting for the time that will allow me to let out a carefree sigh and cross my legs, sitting on a bench where borders have no impact on my time, and only the fortune-teller’s truth shows the directionto the right, to the left, the choice is mine, whether to join, when released from imprisonment, the crowd tossing around sarcastic phrases and laughing ironically, and you tell mebeautiful, looking into the creased folds of my eyes so deeply that I give a start. Border guards on vacation, the highway storyteller next to me guards the protected territory, having torn up the settings for everything that was important to me yesterday, and the aftertaste sets the rules on how willing I am to give you a drink from my cup, or tell everyone that I'd rather see people leave.


Sponsors and partners - Berga Bazārs, Krāsu serviss, Kokmuiža.